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  • Product Description

    3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Helmet X5000 - Dual Standard EN12492 and EN397

    Version VE = Vented Non-Reflective

    The new 3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Helmet for comfort and protection of those who work at and around height.

    The X5000 Series was Inspired by modern climbing helmets; the brimless design gives a clear upward view so you can stay aware of your surroundings and avoid risks. It’s ideal for a variety of situations, including working at heights or for industrial jobs that involve heavy machinery or other hazards.

    The X5000 Series is designed and certified to meet both EN12492 and EN397 standards and, with the unique 4-point chin strap selector system, you can switch between either depending on the safety requirements of your workplace. The chin strap is fitted with a standard buckle.

    With six different settings you can adjust the height of the suspension in the front and the rear to fit a variety of head shapes. With the easy-to-adjust, 6-point ratchet suspension system you can smoothly tighten the headband as needed. It has the exclusive, patented 3M™ Pressure Diffusion Technology which not only provides a secure fit but, by reducing up to 20% of forehead pressure compared to conventional 3M helmet suspensions improving user comfort.

    The helmet features a proprietary 3M™ UVicator™ Sensor that changes from red to white when exposed to damaging levels of ultraviolet (UV) light. As UV rays can cause helmet shells to become brittle and compromise their protection level, the sensor changing colour indicates that it’s time to replace the helmet.

    Accessory slots and clips are designed to be compatible with a variety of 3M face shields, earmuffs and other accessories.

    The X5000 Series has been configured, tested, and approved for use in combination with a series of 3M Products.

    Key features

    • All internal components are removeable and replaceable
    • Suspension system using patented Pressure Diffusion Technology, reducing pressure on forehead
    • An easy-turn ratchet suspension system fitted low on the head for comfort and security
    • Standard 6-point suspension for X5000
    • A 4-point chin strap with an easy switch between EN 12492 and EN 397 standards (for X5000 only)
    • Standard chin strap with a quick-release buckle
    • Patented 3M™ UVicator™ can help indicate when it is time to replace the helmet as a result of excess exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation
    • Ventilated for increased airflow within the shell
    • Integrated clips to help hold elastic bands used with headlamps
    • Helmets meet the requirement for Lateral Deformation
    • Replaceable and washable sweatband
    • Approved for use at -30°C to +50°C
    • Weight 351g
    • Head Size 50 – 63cm

    Maximum recommended product life up to 5 years from date of manufacture (The product life as defined above is indicative data. The product life is subject to many external and non-controllable factors and should not be interpreted as a warranty)

    Please note: the X5000 is either in EN12492 (helmets for mountaineers) mode or in EN397 (industrial safety helmets) mode but cannot meet both EN-standards simultaneously.

    Use limitation

    Never modify or alter the safety helmet

    Do not use this safety helmet against hazards other than those specified in the user instruction

    Use, store and maintain the safety helmet in accordance with the user instruction

    Testing and approval

    The 3M™ X5000 and X5500 SecureFit™ Safety Helmets meet the requirements of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and are thus CE marked. The products have been tested and approved by BSI, Kitemark Court, Davy Avenue, Knowlhill, Milton Keynes MK5 8PP, UK, Notified Body No. 0086.

    X5500 has been tested and approved in accordance with EN 397:2012+A1:2012. X5000 has been tested and approved in accordance with EN 397:2012+A1:2012 and with EN 12492:2012. Certain versions of X5500 and X5000 have been tested and approved in accordance with EN 50365:2002.

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