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    3M™ PELTOR™ Earmuffs X5

    For high performance hearing protection against moderate to high noise levels, use 3M™ PELTOR™ Earmuffs X5. 3M PELTOR Earmuffs X5 are colour-coded black, making it simple to select the correct level of protection from the X series range. Combining 3M's legendary hearing protection knowledge with advanced technology, our earmuffs include a specially formulated foam in the earcups and cushions with an innovative spacer and cup design. Making our 3M Peltor X Series X5 earmuff the highest attenuating earmuff in the market reducing noise up to 37 dB. The technology employed in the design means despite the larger earcups, the earmuff is still lightweight with excellent balance and comfort. The twin headband design not only reduces heat build-up in wear, it also provides excellent fit and balance. The stainless steel wire within the headband is coated with plastic makes the headband the most robust 3M has to offer, but also making it electrically insulated. It is both strong and comfortable as the flat wide headband has a soft plastic coating providing stable pressure on top of the head. Carefully moulded sliders ensure the earmuffs are easy to adjust when on the head. Wide, soft foam ear cushions help workers stay comfortable, while the slim cups offer improved compatibility with other safety equipment. The cushions and foam inserts, available as Hygiene Kits, are easy to replace if they become worn or damaged, helping extend the life of the product. They're also available as helmet mounted or neckband models.

    Reduces noise levels up to 37 dB

    Wide flat headband is electrically insulted making the earmuffs electrically resistant or 'dielectric'

    Colour-coding makes it easy to identify the level of protection being worn

    Large cups are still lightweight

    Specially formulated foam in the earcups and cushions with an innovative spacer and cup design makes 3M Peltor X Series X5 the highest attenuating earmuff in the market

    Twin headband design provides heat dispersion and internal stainless steel design offers consistent pressure and comfortable fit over an 8 hour period

    Designed to optimise weight distribution and balance for outstanding comfort

    ABS plastic cups are rigid, high strength and impact resistant

    Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) soft outer cup coating protects from abrasion and bumps

    3M™ PELTOR™ Earmuffs X5 offer the highest earmuff sound reduction in the market for very high noise situations, removing the need for double protection HPE.

    3M™ PELTOR™ Earmuffs X5 are our innovative hearing protectors that offer exceptional performance – without the need for double protection. Offering the same premium features you expect from 3M Peltor X Series they also reduce noise up to 37 dB.

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