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Code AS-YA-7352229R-45
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  • Product Description

    Sunburst is an arborist climbing lines with a nylon core and enhanced grip. Our 24 carrier CE climbing lines feature modified core constructions to achieve CE EN 1891 compliance. This means CE products will have slightly more elongation than the ANSI equivalent. With their higher elongation characteristics our CE products perform slightly better in MRS Climbing systems. Though they can be used in SRS climbing systems especially when canopy anchored.

    Key Features

    Competition grade

    Enhanced grip for better ergonomics

    Similar in size and feel to their ANSI counterparts

    Includes a steam-stabilized Nylon core for climbers requiring CE EN1891 Type A compliant ropes

    Sunburst is a similar climbing line to Blue Moon and its construction, only with a nylon core.

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